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TCFStyle Expo Vendor Spotlight: AnnaTeiko Designs

28 May 2018

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Hey There!! Today we share with you our first vendor spotlight for the upcoming 2018 TCFStyle Expo!  Meet Anna Teiko Designs; this African inspired fashion will have you spending the work week in one of her beautiful blazers made for a hard-working queen. Her eccentric pattern play of West Africa with the contemporary flair of American culture is surely something you will want in your closet.

Let’s get to know Anna Teiko Designs!

Brand Name 

AnnaTeiko Designs

What type of business?

Apparel / Accessories

Social Media Information (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)


What is the story behind your brand?

My mum has been sewing since I was a child, I went to school to learn different things, but I began to realize how much I love fashion and my love for helping people, and empowering women especially. So we created a shop in Ghana to hire women to sew for us to empower them financially to enable them to support their families. As well, as making beautiful clothing with love for women of all size, shapes, shades ethnic background to make them feel more beautiful and confident about themselves.

Why this focus?

To empower women ( Via Providing beautiful clothing for customers and on the other hand provide financial empowerment for our workers)

What inspired you to get into fashion?

My mum/ being around her

Are you self-taught/passion driven or did you go to school for this?

Passion Driven

What has been the biggest success of your brand, to date?

After introducing plus size into my clothing line.

What would be one of the biggest style myths in Plus Size or Big & Tall Fashion?

That plus size style is less trendy and limited. That is a myth now, things have changed.

How do you think the plus size industry has grown over the years?

The plus size industry is growing very fast, and fashion designers are beginning to pay more attention to that part of the fashion industry. And we are ready to serve this industry now and more.

Have you attended or vended at the expo before? If not, tell us your past experiences, if so, let us know what you are looking forward to!

My first time at this Expo, but have done other expos. I am looking forward to meeting new people, meeting their needs, taking custom orders if needed, selling my clothing and gaining increasing more exposure.

What can the attendees of the TCFStyle Expo look forward to seeing from you?

Unique clothing reasonably priced, Customs ordered taking, great customer services, one on one with the designer.

Want to see more from AnnaTeiko Designs? Make sure you check out her latest designs at .

Follow them Online! 
Facebook: Anna Teiko

Instagram: @annateiko
We can’t wait to see Anna Teiko is bringing to the expo. Can you?

Shop and get to know them at Anna Teiko Designs

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Until next time!

Remember, tickets for the 2018 TCFStyle Expo are on sale now!

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