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5 Things I’m Looking Forward To At The TCFStyle Expo

25 Jul 2017

It’s TCFStyle Expo Week! Can you believe it? We are counting down the days to the TCFStyle Expo. LADIES, have you gotten your tickets yet?
You do not want to miss this year’s event. There are so many things that I’m looking forward to, and here are the top 5!

The People

OK, you’ve never seen so many fabulous, gorgeous, and empowered women in one space before! The TCFStyle Expo draws a super diverse crowd of women from all over the country. It’s a great mix of bloggers, readers, models, business women, entrepreneurs and brands. You never know who you will end up chatting with in the hallways or at your table!

5 Things I’m Looking Forward To at the TCFStyle Expo
The Fashion

One of the things I can’t wait to see is, of course, what everyone is wearing! I’m already planning my outfits for the 2-day expo, and I’m feeling the pressure! Literally everywhere you look, you will see an outfit that you MUST HAVE. These girls are so on point, and I can’t wait to see what fashion-forward looks they are going to be struttin’! And did I mention the fashion shows on the schedule this year? I can’t wait to see the fashion show on Friday at 12 noon and the Ashley Stewart Pageant & Fashion Show on Saturday at noon!

The Shopping

Real talk, ladies. You need to stop buying things now and let your credit cards rest a little bit before the Expo. The Expo is a beautiful buffet of clothes and products specifically designed for YOU and YOUR BODY. There will be so many independent designers and major brands at the expo, and they are all there for you. You’re sure to give your cards a workout and will have to figure out how to get all of your swag back on the plane.


The Panels

Last year, my favorite part of the expo (besides the people, the fashion and the shopping!) was the panel discussions. These panels are truly inspiring and reveal insights into the state of plus size fashion, modeling, the business of blogging and branding. This year, there will be even more panel discussions and I’m so excited! Here’s what’s on the schedule so far:

  • Style Has No Age or Size Panel
  • The Rise of Big & Tall Fashion
  • Name it. Claim it. Walk in it. – Stepping Into Your Purpose Without Apology Discussion
  • Body Politics: Finding OUR Identity & Representation Discussion
  • Big Impact Beyond the Runway Discussion
  • Ashley Stewart Pageant & Show
  • Styled For Life Workshop
  • Model 101 Workshop with Telethia Penn

You can check out the official TCFStyle Expo schedule here!

The Networking

I know I’ve said this already, but the networking opportunities at the TCFStyle Expo are off the chain. While you’re here, take full advantage of the panels, the vendor booths and the informal encounters during breaks to really expand your network, form valuable relationships with brands, meet your blogger and industry idols, and make new friends.

All of this and more is waiting for you at this year’s TCFStyle Expo, so be sure to get your tickets. I’ll see you there!!

Have you purchased you ticket yet? What are you waiting for??
Get it Here Now!!!

See you there!
xo Amber @stylepluscurves

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