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Meet the 2017 TCFStyle Expo Vendors: Part Three!!

21 Jun 2017

It’s another day, and I’m back with new vendors that I know you are going to want to shop while attending the 2017 TCFStyle Expo this July 28th & 29th in Atlanta, Georgia! Whoo Hoo!
We all know that the TCFStyle Expo, in addition to being a fun weekend of networking, panels, entertainment and all around curvy girl fabulousness, but it’s also the premiere plus size shopping event of the summer! How many of you reading these words are still rocking something you purchased from the expo last year? Hands? Well hold on to your wallets, because this year’s vendors are hot enough to scorch the gold off your goldcard! Are you ready for the third round of vendors?!? Let’s get it poppin’ like the corn, shall we?

Meet the 2017 TCFStyle Expo Vendors: Part Three!!


Meet Courtney Noelle

TCFStyle Expo Vendors
Attention all DIVAS and D-I-Ts (Divas in Traning). Courtney Noelle will be in the building. With look at me fashions available in sizes S-4X, Courtney Noelle isn’t made for any one size in particular. Her designs are for an attitude. The Courtney Noelle woman dresses for herself and wears what she pleases. With a strong focus on sophistication mixed with spunk, Courtney Noelle designs communicate a strong message of self-empowerment and confidence. Fall in love with her fierce and funky fashions at!

Meet Curvi Milieux

TCFStyle Expo Vendors
Curvi Milieux is a trendsetting online boutique clothing store aimed for the curvy plus sized socialite. What will they have for all those attending the expo this year? Only first-rate products and exceptional customer service to plus size women sized 12- 24 . If you love shopping an on trend collection of ready to wear apparel, show them some love at!

Meet XVI|XIV Sixteen Fourteen

TCFStyle Expo Vendors
XVI|XIV (pronounced sixteen fourteen) is a brand that custom-craving curvy ones are going to want to know about! They provide each client with chic, elegant, and fashionable wardrobe staples that are “built” to match his or her personal style aesthetic. Are you intrigued, yet? Well you don’t have to wait until the expo to learn more in person. You can visit their site at!
Another supreme selection of vendors to choose from! Was there a shop (or two.. or all of ’em!) that caught your eye? Are you saving your coins in preparation? We want to hear all of your thoughts about it, but before we chit and chat… There’s just one teensy tiny thing left to do!

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