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2016 TCFStyle Expo in Atlanta, Georgia!

Meet the 2017 TCFStyle Expo Vendors: Part Six!!

28 Jun 2017

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I am back with a brand spanking new edition of Meet the Vendors. As always, I have the 411 on three vendors that are going to be live and full effect at the 2017 TCFStyle Expo next month. Have you been enjoying this prelude to everything that is to come? I sincerely hope so!

Today we are shining our spotlight on three businesses that are pretty well known in the plus size community. We are so proud to have them join us for the expo, and I know you are going to be as psyched as we are! Let’s get started, shall we?

Meet the 2017 TCFStyle Expo Vendors: Part Six!!

Meet Rebdolls!

TCFStyle Expo Vendors
Rebdolls is an online fashion retailer that stays on the pulse of trendy fashion. If you are on the hunt for unapologetic plus size fashion, they cater to women sizes 0 to 32. Rebdolls was founded with the fashion-forward woman in mind, and will remain true to its fan base through trendy new arrivals and its “girls kick ass” mentality. Join their squad of loyal fans at!

Meet Lyfestylz Plus!

TCFStyle Expo Vendor
Lyfestylz Plus believes that every woman should look good and look good without breaking the bank. They provide trendy and affordable clothing for Full-Figured women for a reasonable price, without sacrificing one iota of quality. When you visit them at the expo, you can shop with confidence in the fact that you are wearing a flattering look whether it’s something causal or has a bit of an edge. Get an early sneak peek at!

Meet Christian Omeshun!

TCFStyle Expo
Christian Omeshun was created for the sophisticated curvy woman who values modern fashion! They are re-joining us at the expo and you will have ample opportunity to get your hands on some stunning fashion. If you can’t wait until July to get your shop on, visit them today at!

Another terrific round of vendors, huh? Is there a particular shop on our extensive list that you’re really excited about? We have more and more vendors to introduce you too, so while you are waiting for the next round of introductions, you know what to do…

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