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Meet the 2017 TCFStyle Expo Vendors: Part Eleven!

25 Jul 2017

Hey guys! We are just THREE days away from the 2017 TCFStyle Expo and guess what? We still have more vendors to introduce you! Here we are getting all the final aspects of the expo to ensure that everyone will enjoy two days of full on memories, fashion, and of last but not least, shopping!

In this list you will find vendors that provide different products just for you! Trendy clothing, cool graphic t-shirts and there will even be an option for you to sign up for your next 5k! Check them out right here!

Meet the 2017 TCFStyle Expo Vendors: Part Eleven!


Rooted is an online clothing company whose main focus is black power and uplifting the community. They want their consumers to trust them by providing a safe and authentic website to join different influences from Africans, Caribbean’s, to Black British. The aesthetic of this clothing brand varies from African designs to incorporating U.S. Southern, the slangs on their popular graphic T-shirt is their way of attracting customers from all over the world. The brand was created to bridge the gaps between the Global Black Family with millennial fashions and creativity by linking the pieces back together with teeny-weeny baby steps with hopes of leaving somewhat of a big impact. Check them out at

Selah Boutique

Selah Boutique’s main goal is to provide the hottest trendy contemporary clothing for ALL women of every shape and size, from small to 3X and some 6X. As a plus size woman herself, the boutique’s founder always found it hard to find beautiful clubwear in her size so with the extra free time she had she turned her fashion skills into a career and fulfilled that void. With her having a heavy online presence it gives every curvy women around the world access to her sexy pieces. Show them love at!

The Plus Strut

The Plus Strut Image

The Plus Strut is the first ever 5k run/walk for plus size women. Over 67% of women in the United States are plus size but there has never been a fitness campaign of this magnitude for these women, until now. The Plus Strut will be held in Atlanta this coming spring 2018. This will be a historical moment for curvy women not only in the U.S., but worldwide! Come get uplifted from cheers of accomplishment, love and support from peers!  Anybody is able to participate, the main goal is to cross the finish line whether you walk or run. This country is filled with 5K running events of all kinds…but none like this. Learn more at

Pop Up Plus

Pop-Up Plus is an online boutique that focus on curvy ladies as a teenager all the way up to adulthood because they feel every girl deserves to feel sexy and confident. Their mix of contemporary and indie style creates the most unique outfits and they offer trendy clothes sizes 14+ . It was founded in 2010 because the fashion industry lacked hip luxury clothing especially for plus size women and they wanted to be the ones to provide plus size women with some variety and uniqueness outfits. And fun fact, they also have pop up shops within the United States! Show them some love at

How about this list? Pretty sweet! I’m soooo ready to sign up for the next 5k, are you? So… you are coming right?! I mean why miss it, we’ve got it all for you packed in two days. You know what to do next, right?

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