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Salute To Our 2017 TCFStyle Expo Community Sponsors!

24 Jul 2017

Can you believe we are only days away to the 2017 TCFStyle Expo? It seems like it was yesterday that the earliest preparations were being made for the event and now look at us. Completing the final touches, adding the final bit of pizzazz and here we are!

Organizing an event of this magnitude is like assembling the cogs in a wheel. Albeit a very stylish and glamorous wheel, but a wheel nonetheless. Without each spoke, the wheel wouldn’t go anywhere. Today, we are shining the spotlight on one very important aspect to the TCFStyle Expo… our fabulous community sponsors! Let’s get to know them and show them some love, shall we?

Salute To Our 2017 TCFStyle Expo Community Sponsors!

Big Man Culture is the answer to the plus man with oodles of swag. As a Personal Style and Image consulting group for the BIG MAN, their main focus is to help the big and tall man tap into their confidence, self-weath and purpose through style. Not fashion, mind you, which is transitory and sometimes arbitrary, but style. Big Man Culture strives to aid their clients in the enhancement of their style. They firmly believe that this in turn will transform their vision, future and confidence through one BIG experience!


FabUplus Magazine has a very empowering vision for their brand. Their aim is to be the leading media landscape that celebrates health, fitness and lifestyle for the curvy community. And they spread their message of body positivity by encouraging women to love their unique bodies while developing a weight-neutral, health-centered approach to life. FabUplus Magazine works diligently to debunk the biased and distorted societal myths about health, weight, and identity and instead promotes body acceptance, self-love and aims to build confidence in women of size. Their message is simple, but it packs quite a punch. All women are beautiful, original, and are not only good enough, but exceptional. All women are not just here, but are in fact here… for a purpose.


The Giving Boutique gives an amazing gift. They provide a unique shopping-spree experience for homeless youth. Families who participate will be able to shop in a boutique pop-up shop with amenities including: cupcakes, beverages, friendly staff, fitting rooms, furniture. All in all, they are given te VIP treatment and get the opportunity to experience the boutique shopping experience. While shopping, they enjoy live music, food by the bite and will be given A-list treatment by celebrities who will serve as their sales associates. But most importantly, they will have their lives changed, having the chance (sometimes for the first time in years) to pick out, try on their items and take them home in shopping bags. All items are free of charge and all the participants will get to choose between 3-5 outfits and accompanying accessories.


Koils By Nature let’s their presence be known by making a solemn promise to their customers. Their promise is to produce a line of products that will enhance your natural beauty and give you the star treatment you sorely deserve. Every product made is blended with care and designed to give you a luxurious experience with each use. dedicated to offering high quality, all natural, hair and skin products our customers can believe in and feel confident using. They are wholeheartedly dedicated to offering high quality, all natural, hair and skin products their customers can believe in and feel confident using.


Astra Signature is a plus size fashion label created for every woman who believes they are more and live their lives each day with that knowledge. Simply put, women who reach for the stars. The company’s tag line ALIS ASPICIT ASTRA , or “flying, she keeps her eye on the star”, serves as an affirmation for their customers to always believe in themselves and keep striving for their goals.


Generose MX, it’s a new plus size fashion brand available in sizes 14 to 32. The goal of Generose is to offer well-made contemporary designs to plus size women, created with high-quality fabrics. Generose promotes stylish fashion for women who are curvy and voluptuous. The Generose customer is one who is confident, stylish, proud of her curves, and wears what she loves despite what the masses say. Their website will be launching in early Fall 2017. In the meanwhile, you can check them out at their IG page, TW, and FB @GeneroseMX


Plus Zone is part of MedZone, they offer health care products, such as easy to use anti-chafe and anti-chub rub product dedicated to the plus size community. We all know chubrub is a major skin irritation that affects millions of people each year.  One of their main products is ChafeZone, it helps prevent ChubRub. The Plus Size community now has options to get relief from chafing and chub rub. You can check their IG @thepluszone


Thanks to all of these amazing brands, the 2017 TCFStyle Expo is gearing up to be a memorable experience for all. Will we be seeing you in Atlanta?!?

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