Get Ready! Pretty Big Movement Rocks Out The 2017 TCFStyle Expo With a Performance & Workshop!

Wondering what else is going on at the 2017 TCFStyle Expo? Well… You’ll shop ’til you drop, immerse yourself in wall-to-wall curvy fabulousness, and have your mind blown during the panels! But that’s not all… While you are enjoying all the shopping and fashion you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy the performance of the awesome ladies of Pretty Big Movement on Saturday, July 29!

Wait! Hold on! And and and… That’s not all! On Sunday, i
nstead of hiding away in your hotel room watching reality TV (Admit it.. that’s SO what you were going to do!), we are here to give you the opportunity to dance your shoes off with the queens themselves!

Pretty Big Movement is a New York City-based full figured dance company specializing in various dance genres such as Hip-Hop, Jazz, African, Modern and so much more. Founder/CEO Akira Armstrong was compelled to create a platform for women with voluptuous curves in mainstream media, because she recognized how unfortunate it was that there wasn’t one. How’s that for being the change you want to see in the world?
In addition to rocking our worlds with their performances at The 3rd Female Hip Hop Honor Award Show,  America’s Got Talent and (of course) that DOPE Lane Bryant #ThisBody ad, Pretty Big is traveling the globe, providing dance workshops to the plus size community, creating a ‘No Judgment‘ environment were one can dance like no one’s watching because they are surrounded by people who support that freedom of movement.


Shake That Body! Pretty Big Movement Closes 2017 TCFStyle Expo With Workshop & Performance!
Photo courtesy of Lane Bryant
And these ladies will be working their magic in ATL for the TCFStyle Expo on Saturday, July 29, 2017. Whether you are a bonafide wallflower or dancing queen… Be ready to rock with these ladies! I fully anticipate my edges will disintegrate at its conclusion!
Shake That Body! Pretty Big Movement Closes 2017 TCFStyle Expo With Workshop & Performance!
Photo courtesy of Lane Bryant

In addition to their electrifying performance, they will be leading a very special workshop on Sunday, July 30, 2017 at Rhythmz & Motion Dance Studio

A dance class! Isn’t that amazing? Now’s your chance to shake what your Mama gave you with the queens themselves! (And you wanted to stay in bed watching Keeping up with the Kardashians… I’m low key judging you right now!)

You can register to the dance class right here right now.. It only costs $20! If you wait until the day off, it’s $25 dollars, don’t forget to bring cash!

Register for the dance class here!
Listen. When we said that the 2017 TCFStyle Expo will give you LIFE… we meant it! So what are you waiting for?

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